Favorite Things – Longwear Eyewear

I’m so excited to share my first favorite things post! It’s been a long time coming, being that I’m a sucker for anything new that will somehow help my life in any way, shape or form. But I’ll save you the drama about the products that don’t work and boast about the ones that do.

These posts will be pretty simple. Each week, I’ll pick a couple of my favorite things to share that consist of whatever I’m jonesing for that week or what I’m dying to give a review on. They’ll be pretty varied products spanning from makeup to fitness gear to favorite online finds.

This week it’s all about the perfect longwear eyewear to last through the wee hours of your New Year’s Eve festivities. Having to reapply is a pain and these products have been lifesavers for me and I hope they’ll do the same for you.

Kat Von D and Urban Decay

My first must-have is a new find for me because I’ve been searching for years (no, but seriously) for the perfect under-eye concealer. Now, this may be different for everyone, because there seems to be a different concealer made for all different skin types almost on the daily. However,Β Urban Decay’s 24/7 Concealer PencilΒ ($19.00) is a great concealer for just about any skin type. It has more of a thick, creamy base and is way less messy than a liquid concealer –making it all the more better at covering up just about anything.Β As an added bonus, there is a multitude of colors to fit all types of skin tones and each color in the 24/7 Concealer Pencil line is named after a “concealed” government agency. So, I’m using the concealer “FBI” while others may be more “CIA” or “KGB” and some unlucky friends may be more the “NSA” hue. But, no matter your opinion on government agencies, this concealer only hides flaws.

How to apply:

  • It’s built like any other makeup pencil where you just “sharpen” away the outer layer to get more product to use. Some people don’t know this and think that only after about a week of using it, they are done with the product and have to buy a new one. Not the case, my friends! Just make sure you have a larger sharpener than standard size as the pencil is rather chubby.
  • To apply, simply draw an upside-down triangle on your under-eye area with the base of the triangle beginning at your under-eye. The point of the triangle should hit just below your orbital bone. To blend, just take your ring finger (because it’s the weakest finger and won’t apply more pressure than necessary) and “dab & roll” the product so that it’s almost patted in, not wiped. Wiping your concealer only makes it appear in the fine lines of your under-eye all the more, so the “dab & roll” is your best bet.

Another must-have to get you through the night, sans reapplication, is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper ($18.00). This little beauty has saved me many a nights from the long lines for the bathrooms only to check and make sure my liner hasn’t wandered all over my face (because, we’ve all been there, ladies). This liner is easy to apply because it’s not a felt tip, but rather more like a finely tipped paint brush, so the accuracy of where you want your liquid liner is pretty spot on, making cat-eyes and the Amy Winehouse winged-tip look easy to recreate. The formula itself is waterproof and adheres to your eyelid and stays there. Not sure what Ms. Von D puts in it, but it stays on like magic.

How to apply:

  • Applying eyeliner is like handwriting: everyone has a different style of doing it. But if you’d like to know another way to apply liquid liner, I start from my inner eye and go to my outer eye. While this may be backwards to what some makeup artists suggest, I follow up with going back over a second time starting at the outer eye and working my way in, so it kind of evens out, I’d say. The brush allows for a solid line making it easy to create a dramatic liner look no matter which way you start.
  • Good news if you’re just starting out with liquid liner: the Tattoo Liner dries super quick, making it easy to take off with a Q-Tip and a dab of eye make-up remover or even simply rubbing it with your finger (depending on how big of the mistake).
  • **Warning: Do not stretch and pull your eyelid with your fingers to make sure that the product gets in ever nook and cranny! This may make you feel like you’re getting a better line, but it’s not very good to be pulling on your delicate skin around your eyes every day. Just don’t do it! Instead, work the brush from both sides and go back and forth with it over the line you’ve created. It does the same thing without doing damage to your skin.**

You can find both of these products at Sephora.

Hopefully you find these tips and products as helpful as I have and tune in next week for more Favorite Things!

Until next time,

C. Brooks


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