Favorite Things – Sweaty Bands

Being a woman runner with long hair is not the easiest thing to be. When I first started running, I would try so many different hair styles and hair ties/headbands to keep my hair back and out of the way, but nothing was really working well. I was the Goldilocks of hair accessories. Then one day a friend gave me my first Sweaty Band. I tried it on my run that afternoon and didn’t have to touch it once.

But, seriously. Not. Once.

I wear this headband during all of my workouts, yoga sessions and runs. It never slips and never falls back. It’s also extremely comfortable because it doesn’t need a super tight fit like so many other headbands. 13.1

My friend gave me the 13.1 pink Sweaty Band, and it’s still my favorite out of the numerous Sweaty Bands that I own. There are all different kinds of colors, patterns, sports and sorority letter designs and even a “Chic” line with headbands for everyday wear. Sweaty Bands retail from $10 – $20, depending on what kind of design you’d like. They come in so many fun patterns, colors and sizes, it’s hard to choose just one.

You can also customize your headband too! Just send your ideas, team logos or prints to them online and they can help make a special collection of Sweaty Bands for your group or organization.

Check out the Sweaty Band site for all of their amazing headbands. I promise it’ll be your new favorite thing.

Until next time,

C. Brooks


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