Pin of the Day – #6


New rule: there are none.

When it comes to what you wear, you shouldn’t let anyone tell you what to wear and how. Can you take suggestions on what works for others? Sure! Fashion blogs, magazines and Pinterest are great places to get ideas, but always feel that you should make them your own.

That’s the great thing about being a twenty-something: you get to wear whatever you feel like wearing. I wear what I feel. Even when Anna Wintour has said she’d never wear head to toe black, I kind of like to do it every once in a while because I feel like a badass when I do.

What I’m saying is that fashion is definitely a case of, “to each his (or her!) own.” Everyone’s got their personal style and it’s not anyone’s business to say if it’s in fashion or not. Ignore the rules and if you like it, wear it.

Until next time,

C. Brooks

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