DIY Cork Letter Art

IMG_0234Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of cork art amongst my fellow vino loving friends, so I thought I’d try my hand at it.

I was recently scrolling down my Pinterest wall and saw a picture of a letter made of cork, but it was for sale at $30.00. I loved the way it looked, but knew I could make it for less.IMG_0256

Turns out, I could make it for about half of that! With all of the supplies together, it was about $15.00 to make.

It was fairly simple to make and was a fun way to spend a quiet night in, watching Friends and sipping on a glass of riesling.

What you’ll need:

– X-Acto knife

– About 35 – 40 wine corks (you can find them online or you can use your own, so now you have an excuse to drink another glass – you’re welcome)

– Wooden letter

– 1 Cork Tile

– Hot glue gun/sticks

You can find all of these supplies at your neighborhood Michael’s.


  1. Take the wooden letter and place it on top of the cork tile.
  2. Trace the wooden letter with your X-Acto knife. You’ll want to do this on a cutting board to make sure that you aren’t going to harm the surface you’re working on with the knife.IMG_0239
  3. Start placing corks on your cork tile to try to fit them together like a puzzle. I used whole corks and also cut some in half and then some in quarters with my X-Acto knife so that I could cover as much of the letter as possible.
  4. After you’ve got some of them placed, you can start hot gluing them into place.IMG_0241
  5. Keep doing this until you have the whole letter covered.
  6. Once the cork tile is completely covered, put hot glue all over the wooden letter. Then quickly place the cork-covered tile onto the letter.
  7. Voila! You’ve got your very own cork letter to showcase.

IMG_0243  IMG_0244

Keep sipping, for the sake of your art, and until next time,

C. Brooks

8 thoughts on “DIY Cork Letter Art

    • babblingcbrooks says:

      Haha I would love to make some cork things for you… I have about a million of them left it seems.
      I’m also glad you’re liking the blog too! It makes me feel good to know other people enjoy what I write 🙂



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