Pin of the Day – #10

Children learn them from what they see.

However, the scary thing is that children see everything. They pick up on even the littlest details that occur in life.

In this video, the young Italian boys meet a pretty and innocent looking girl, who all of them seem to – in the words of a child- “like-like.”

Being told to do things to her like make a funny face at her or caress her, the boys complete the actions with little hesitation. But then they are asked to slap her.

Their reactions are exactly what you’d hope for: each one of them refuses to even touch her and their explanations as to why they wouldn’t are pretty spot on.

Children aren’t born with violent tendencies, they are learned. We need to be teaching them that violence against anyone – man or woman – is wrong and should not be tolerated. These little guys send a strong message that if they can understand that violence is wrong, why can’t grown men?

Until next time,

C. Brooks

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