DIY Scrabble Coasters

My internet went out last night, so catching up on the parts I missed of The Bachelor season premiere was not an option.

Thankfully, I remembered that I had ordered some Scrabble pieces a while back because I thought I could make something fun out of them. Alas, Scrabble Coasters were born!

This is an easy project that you could do if you wanted to keep yourself, or even the kids (with supervision of the hot-glue gun, of course) busy for a while.IMG_0254

What you’ll need:

– X-Acto knife or sharp kitchen scissors

– Cork tile

– Hot glue gun

– Scrabble pieces

**You can order Scrabble pieces in bulk online! I used tiles from CleverDelights on Etsy.**

How you’ll make them:

  1. Start with brainstorming some ideas for words you’d like to use. I think it’s easier if you come up with a fun theme for your coasters. I chose four letter beverage words that I could think of. However, you can also switch it up and make five letter words and achieve the same look.
    • In hindsight, I would’ve actually done this before I ordered my pieces, because I had a shortage of some letters that I wanted to use and now I’m waiting for another shipment.
  2. Pick a corner of your cork tile to start with and hot-glue the first piece there. You’ll build off this piece to create a 4 x 4 square. IMG_0249
  3. Then go down vertically from that first letter to hot-glue the rest of the starting letters of your words.
  4. Repeat this with all of your other letters until all of your words are completed. You can also add a dab of hot-glue in between the letters to make sure that they stick to each other as well.
  5. After, you’ll take your X-Acto knife or scissors and cut right along the two sides of your coaster. This is why we used the corner — two less sides to cut.

These coasters may be easy to make, but that’s the beauty of it. A simple, clean project you can do with your family on cold days like today.

Have fun and until next time,

C. Brooks

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