Favorite Things – Aveda foot relief moisturizing creme

Getting back into running has been so great for me with helping raise my energy levels and feeling way less stressed, but it takes a toll on my body for sure, especially my feet. Working out means that I will usually shower twice a day, so I lose a lot of the moisture in my skin. Of course I have great lotion for my face and body, but I couldn’t find a moisturizer that would replenish moisture on my feet for the longest time.

So after complaining about this problem to my mom –Avedabecause you always have to complain to your mom since 9 times out of 10, she’ll know how to fix the problem- and she suggested that I try Aveda’s foot relief moisturizing creme. I thought this would just be one of those creams that only helped on the surface for a whole five minutes until you eventually had to reapply it again, but it’s really the best hydrating lotion I’ve used.

I don’t want to go all info-mercial on you, but in just a couple of days, my feet made a complete 180 and had no dry spots anywhere. The lotion is creamy, but not heavy and it smells so amazing, which isn’t unlike any other Aveda product. However, it does have a larger price tag, starting at $9.50 for the travel size and $24.00 for the normal size, but it’s one of those lotions that’s always in my gym bag and totally worth every penny. The way I look at it, if I don’t take care of my feet, running becomes a lot more difficult to do.

Also, if you end up loving the foot relief creme, they also have hand relief creme that does amazing wonders for your hands too. You can order them both online or stop by your neighborhood Aveda store and the associates there will get you hooked up.

Happy running and until next time,

C. Brooks

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