live with less.

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I wrote this Post – It so that it could put it up to be a daily reminder to live and enjoy the simplicity in life.

Being a reformed shopaholic (more of necessity with a lack of funds, rather than a lifestyle change), I’ve realize that I don’t need to buy more things to have a fulfilling life, but that I need to take advantage of the day to day experiences I have to lead a fulfilling life.

Now, I’m not saying to go home tonight and proceed to donate all of your unnecessary items in your house or that you can’t buy that new handbag that you’ve been eyeing for the past three months. Feel free to treat yourself once in a while, but maybe learn to treat yourself more by spending money on experiences rather than things.

Learn to live with less and enjoy the things that you usually take for granted: the warmth of your morning coffee, the endorphin rush after your daily run, or the simple happiness you feel after being with your best friend.

Live with less things, but more joy and experiences.

Until next time,

C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “live with less.

  1. redefiningthegoodlife says:

    I’m going through the same transition. I always shopped whenever i wanted, budget wasn’t an issue. Now times are different, but i can honestly say i don’t miss it! “Things” will provide only temporary gratification. I’m enjoying simplifying everything in my life, and you’re right, by doing so i appreciate the little things more!

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