I’m not really sure about any of you, but whenever I come back from vacation, I feel like I come back with a renewed sense of clarity.

With a bunch of nastiness that went down in my life leading up to my trip to Hilton Head, I was only all the more eager to make like my golden doodle and kick some grass over that shit and move on.

So now that I’ve come back from vacation, I’m taking time to clean up my life and my priorities (and, possibly, my very messy apartment –unpacking suuuuuuucks).

You might remember that boy from a couple weeks back? Well, if not, whatevs. You didn’t miss much. But it just took me until now to delete him off Facebook. I know, I’m yelling at myself for waiting so long too.

Sometimes, rather, most times, Facebook creates more problems than it solves. Do I need to know that he added three beautiful girls as friends recently? No. No, I do not. Does he get to know details about my life anymore? No. No, no he does not. Is he still a butthead that I would run up and junk-punch if I saw him? Surprisingly, no. But I’d definitely think about it for a good three seconds.

I also took the time to unfollow an old friend of mine because she was toxic to my life. We don’t hang out or talk anymore, more because I guess she doesn’t feel like it, I suppose. So now every time I see her photos or status update, I get a little sad. But, I can’t waste any time being sad for people who don’t care about me. So, buh-bye, dear. TTYN.

I also took my skinny-pants–you know, the pants you keep around because one day you might throw them on and miraculously fit back into them? Well, I took them and threw them in the bag for Goodwill. I don’t need their size 6 tags looming in my dresser any longer and making me feel sad looking at them as I throw on my size 8 pants.

It’s pretty powerful when you’ve figured out that you really only need to keep up with the people who want to keep up with you and keep around the things that make you happy. And because they had once made you happy, you should never regret them. Never regret something/someone that made you smile once.

I hope you have the courage to do some ‘spring cleaning’ of your own, because it’s so worth it.

Until next time,

C. Brooks

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