Everything Can Be Explained Through a Sports Analogy

This weekend was fantastically amazing in the fact that I spent the majority of it with friends laughing my ass off.

Going out Friday night with a good friend was not the best idea I’ve had, being that I would have to wake up at 8am the next day to go meet some other friends for a bar crawl, but I made it work. Four years at UW-Madison will teach you how to rally with the best of them.

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When the fella over there has hella good hair…

Of course, Saturday’s bar crawl really wasn’t so much of a bar crawl as it was just plain ol’ day drinking. My friends and I figured we’d go to a favorite Madison brunch spot around 11am for their bottomless mimosas before the bar crawl started at 1pm.

Being that you can’t just have one or two mimosas to make the $10 that you spent worth it, I felt like I needed to have like six. I still claim that it was not my fault for having that much because whenever you get about half-way done with the champagne glass, a waitress comes around with a water pitcher full of mimosa and fills you right back up.

It’s like heaven on earth, I swear.

Anywho, it’s now like 2pm and we think we should probably get to going on the bar crawl that we paid for…whoops.

But then when we get to the first bar, all I want is water. And Chipotle. And a nap.

Thank baby Jesus, I got all three.

After a glorious cat nap, I showered and got ready again to meet some friends and we ended up out at this tiny little quiet bar until 1:30am.

Now, I’m only giving you all of the times and details of the alcohol consumption because I want you to understand how hungover dehydrated I was on Sunday.

And this was the day I said I’d go hiking with a guy for our second date.

Yeah…it wasn’t my best idea as of late.

After my extra-long shower and cup of black coffee, I jump in my car and head to the forest where I’m meeting this dude.

Don’t be thinking, “C!! You are going to go hiking with this dude you’ve known for a whole five minutes alone in a wooded forest?!” because he’s a whopping 5’7″ and probably weighs as much as me, so I felt like I could take him. That’s why you have older sisters –you learn how to fight scrappy. 😉

Homeboy shows up late. Which appears to be his MO because he was 15 minutes late for the first date. This is strike one.

Once we finally get to walking and talking, strike two doesn’t fall far behind. On our first date, all he could do was talk about his work; what he had done that day, what he still needed to do when he got in in the morning and then all of the office gossip that he’d heard –talking to me with people’s names as if I’m really going to remember them or as if I really even care about Ron and his partner, Joe’s, newly renovated home that is ‘to die for.’

But I give it to him because I figured he was nervous. Hindsight is 20/20 and giving him a shot at another game in the series was a bad idea.

After our 1.5 hour hike, I can safely say he was not nervous, he is just obsessed with work and everything that encompasses it.

Being that he would only talk about work, that meant he asked me 0 questions and I never got to talk. Strike three.

I feel like you’ve probably figured it out by now, but I’ll spell it out for you, just in case: I love to talk. I talk to everybody and anybody and I do it all the time. So for me having to spend hours of my life just nodding and agreeing, I feel like he may be too self-absorbed for my taste. Also, being that I was super dehydrated and hangry, I was not inclined to say that we should hang out again.

Oh well.

He may have striked out, but it’s a new week and I can feel another series coming up.

Let’s play ball.

Until next time,

C. Brooks


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