Wise Words Wednesday – The Truth Always Comes Out

Boys think they’re so goddamn clever.

At lunch today, I’m sitting with my guy friends and they are talking about how “smooth they are with the ladies.”

But actually. They talk like this. I know, I feel for their moms too.

It’s all about games with these little shits.

“I don’t need to text her back right away. I turned off the read receipts so she doesn’t know if I’ve read it or not. Responding right away looks needy; you always gotta make her wait it out.”

Now, if you’ve rolled your eyes at least once by now, you’re alreadyย better person than I am. Because at the lunch table, I’m pretty sure my eyeroll setting was on repeat.

I’m not known to keep quiet when I have an opinion, so I just blurt out, “We. Know. We always know.”

They continue to argue with me and think they’re some James Bond or shit within the dating scene. But all I want to tell them is the quote that my mom has instilled in me since I was a wee-one:


Now, I would never, ever date either of these boys, but I can’t help but wonder if most all boys think like this when they date.

Even with this thought, I’m not afraid.

I don’t want to sound sexist, but women can outsmart just about anyone. We (most likely) grew up with some catty bitches and know how to deal with manipulative games.

These boys think they’re so damn clever to turn off their read receipts on their phones, but, for example, they forget all about their little games when they check their Snapchats.


Obviously she knows you’ve been ignoring her texts if you’re on your damn phone checking your Snapchats!! It tells you when they’ve been opened!!

Or when they’ve posted something on Facebook or accessed it with their mobile phones.

Now, I’m not saying this to sound stalker-like, I’m just saying that ignoring someone’s texts is pointless. Point. Less.

Social media makes it all the more difficult to play these dating games, so why do people think they can still do it?

Because they think they’re some pseudo-James Bonds, that’s why. But now the jig is up.

Give it up boys; we’re not going to wait forever.

Until next time,

C. Brooks


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