Wise Words Wednesday – DIY

Good morning, Wise Word seekers!

Today’s Wise Words are all about DIY-ing. That’s right, because to get something done right, you usually have to do it yourself.


Now, I could go all cheerleader on you, but I won’t because it’s still early and my morning caffeine hasn’t quite kicked in yet.

For those of you that want the no-nonsense Wise Words message, all I’m going to say is you’ve got to hustle hard to make your own momentum. It takes a shit-ton of work (and caffiene!) to get something going andย keep it going.

Don’t be afraid to do the work.

Although, for those of you who want and like the cheerleader-ish pep talk about creating your own momentum, this is the best I canย muster with such a short supply of coffee in my system.

FullSizeRender (1)

Until next time and, hopefully, I’ll have had enough coffee before then,

C. Brooks


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