Meh…It’s Monday

It’s Monday and I couldn’t be more thrilled, as shown by the picture below.


Okay, so maybe that was a lie. Whatever. I’m over it.

That’s my mood today. I’ve decided that I’m hiding out in my cube until 5pm with my Starbucks iced soy chai and Hozier’s album on repeat for comfort purposes to deal with my “meh” mood.

But, with every song, I can feel my mood lift because I’m lost in his gritty and raw acoustic style too much to even worry about my “meh” mood.

At first listen to the Irish singer songwriter, you’re drawn in by his acoustic, coffee-shop and maybe a bit sultry vibe. But then, you start to actually listen to his lyrics and they’re nothing short of poetic.

In songs like “Angel of Small Death and Codeine Scene,” you’re like, “I have no idea what in the hell he’s singing about, but I love it.”

And in “Someone New” you’re like, “damn this kid has some catchy tunes on his hands and I could give a shit less if my cube neighbors see me dancing.”

And with “Cherry Wine” you’re like, “let’s just sit on a blanket underneath a shady tree and nap for the rest of the afternoon.”

Seriously, each one of his songs brings you into a new mood.

If you’re in a “meh” mood, take a listen to a couple of his songs, or the whole damn album, and feel yourself being slowly lifted up out of it.

Works for me, at least.

Until next time,

C. Brooks


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