Wise Words Wednesday – Push Yo’ Self

Good Wednesday morning, folks!

I’m in such a good mood today and who knows if it’s how much sleep I got or if it’s these nifty pain pills I got from the docs for my sprained ankle, but I’m feelin’ fine.

Apparently, this week, I thought, “hey, you know what I haven’t done in awhile? Used crutches!”

So in a subconscious attempt, I fell down Monday morning and sprained my poor little ankle. It’s now a color purple that is so deep, you would think I colored it on there with Magic Marker.

Fun fact: it’s all natural, baby.

Anywho, today’s Wise Words are about a different kind of fitness; a kind I think we can all get on board with: sleep.


Being that my social calendar has now been wiped out almost as fast as I did Monday morning, I’ve been able to catch up on some much needed sleep.

So my Wise Words are short, sweet and to the point this week: go get yo’ sleep on. You’ll feel like a completely different person after getting a solid 8-9 hours for a couple of days straight.

However, if you’re starting up your school life again, sleep is hard to come by, so just make sure you’re staying healthy, my friends.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my newfound kankle needs to be iced.

Until next time,

C. Brooks